Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our review monitoring service? Here are a few article that might help you:


  • Question: What is review monitoring?
    What’s being said about your business helps you keep track on your online visibility and business reputation. Monitoring all major reviews site is not an easy task if you do it by yourself. With our review monitoring service, we make online review monitoring management easy. Our services track major review sites, providing you with solutions to keep positive growth of your business.


  • Question: Why review monitoring is important for my business?
    Your clients and customers use review sites before deciding to use your service. Facts that 95% search for local businesses online, 91% read online reviews about local business, most customers look at 2+ review sites before making a decision, 84% trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, and 73% think that reviews older than 3 months are irrelevant. Based on these facts, reviews from your clients and customers can play a direct impact for your business.


  • What review sites are available on your service?
    We can track your business reputation on major review sites across all industries such as Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook, Yellow Pages, CitySearch, BBB, Yahoo!, Thumbtack, InsiderPages, Angie’s List, Houzz, and many more. Please contact us for the full lists of available review sites.


  • Question: What steps will you do before monitoring my business’ review?
    We will observe your business on major review sites and make a report about your business reputation. We will report what can we do to improve your business visibility. We also observe on competition and market condition on your business to maximize the potential of your business.


  • Question: What benefits will I get if I use your review monitoring service?
    If you decide to use our review monitoring service, you will get Review Capture Page (Mobile Version Too!), Complete Review Instructions for All Review Sites, Negative Experience Capture Form, Managed Review Acquisition by Our Team, Review Monitoring Alerts, Website Review Widget to Showcase Top Reviews, Social Broadcasting of 5-Star Reviews, Email Signature Widget, and Access to Major & Industry Specific Review Sites.


  • Question: I have several negative reviews on some review sites that I never deal with before, but it mention my name. How to clean up those situations?

In case like this, we would start to with getting more positive reviews from your satisfied customers so that the negative reviews will be pushed down. As the new reviews from your customers get added, your business rating on review sites will rise.


  • Question: How the results if I decide to use your review monitoring service?

Results vary depending on your business and customer base. We would be asking for real reviews from your real customers so obviously, we can’t force somebody to leave a review they don’t agree with. But by using our service, you can help happy customers leave positive reviews in review sites, while giving unhappy customers a way to leave negative feedback in a way that is not so public and in a way that you can address and within your control (rather than directly in review sites where you can’t control what has been said). We can get the reviews on review site to be representative of the sentiment of your customer base.


  • Question: How much the fee for your service?
    Our review monitoring setup is $500 (one-time payment) and the subscription fee is $250 monthly. You can also subscribe annually for $1800 (save 40%).


  • Question: I have questions not covered on this FAQ. How to contact you?
    You can contact us on our Contact Form, or you can email us on ….