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Tired of spending a lot of money on Facebook ads with little to no result? Here’s some actionable steps that car dealers like you can do to lower your ad spend while getting more leads on Facebook.

For a beginning Facebook ads campaign, an automotive lead should ideally cost $3 – $7 or cheaper per lead. If you are spending more than that per lead, you might need to adjust your campaign to lower your cost by following the tips below. If you are already spending that much per lead, following the tips below can lower your cost even more.

Target Potential Car Buyers by Location

To get cheaper bids, you need to really target a narrow demographic to maximize your budget.

For a local business, you want to target your specific town or city instead of the whole world or USA.


Target Potential Car Buyers by Automotive Behavior

For auto sales, you can also target by behavior. There are many categories but you might have the most success with:

behavior > Automotive > New Vehicle Buyers (In Market – people considering a new vehicle purchase within the next 180 days)

Target Potential Car Buyers by Make, Model and Style

You can also target “New Vehicle Buyers” by make, model and style of vehicle (hybrid, economy, SUV, minivan, pickup truck, sports car/convertible, etc.).

Create an Ad for a Car in your Inventory

For example, if you have a “Toyota Sienna” car in your inventory, you can create a Facebook post with image, brand, model, mileage, price, etc. and run an ad targeting only people who fit the “New Vehicle Buyers” behavior above and are looking for “Toyota Sienna”.

Retargeting Strategy with Facebook Pixel

In Facebook, you can retarget users who have already expressed interest in your company. Since this is a smaller set of users, this is much cheaper. You also get to be shown to interested users multiple times so there is a higher chance of a sale.


Get More Car Buyer Leads with Short Contact Forms

If the contact form for your auto dealership is long, that might be a hindrance to your sales. What happens with long forms is that most people don’t have time right then and there to answer the form so they end up not filling it out at all. But if you can get a bit of information (like an email address or phone number) from them, you can get the rest of the information later.

I would suggest creating another contact form that is shorter (maybe just asking for an email address and/or a phone number) and from there, doing a follow-up via phone or doing an email newsletter campaign to them so you can send them emails of the new cars in your inventory every week. You can still keep the longer contact form since those are more qualified leads.


Do you have any strategies for getting more car buyer leads?  Please add it to the comments below.

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